Alessandro Voltolina is the new engineer who will bring us further successes.

Alessandro Voltolina

Engineer of the R&D and Customer Technical Support departments

To possess a wealth of technical expertise in a highly specialised field is a factor that can positively influence the development and growth of business projects in any type of company. Often these skills are acquired progressively, perhaps through different professional experiences, and then successfully adapted to the new work environment. These skills become a strategic element in the work process.

Engineer Alessandro Voltolina is soon to be a new key player at SMH Technologies. After graduating in Electrical Engineering in Padua, he gained valuable experience abroad, in France, where he became specialised in areas of research and development which we consider vital to the execution of our forthcoming projects. Alessandro’s youth works in his favour, as demonstrated by his mental freshness and enthusiasm, which are fundamental elements when competing in a demanding market like ours.

With his extensive knowledge, Alessandro is the right individual to integrate and expand the know-how of the R&D and Customer Technical Support departments.

At SMH, growth is clearly also generated through the recruitment of new professionals. Investing in new engineers means investing in our technical knowledge, an element that we consider as strategic as alliances with leading silicon producers and Field Application Engineers.

The expansion of our organisation, therefore, is characterised by the extensive expertise which enables us to perform at an elevated level within the target markets.