From June 25, Duncan Milroy, James Cawkell and Eugene Fröscher of ADAPTSYS will be at SMH Technologies

This meeting will strengthen the synergy between our companies, with the aim of increasing German market penetration.

On June 25, Mr Duncan Milroy, Mr James Cakwell and Mr Eugene Fröscher of Adaptsys will visit us at SMH to consolidate the partnership between the two companies, becoming SMH Technologies Group’s first-tier distributor in Germany.

The goal of the collaboration is to expand SMH’s support to the growing number of customers in the German region, ensuring that the FlashRunner series continues to prove itself as a cutting edge product, which is integrated by external services of the highest order, including punctual and professional technical assistance.

As already pointed out by Jean-Christophe Raimond - Adaptsys' Business Development Director (see link) - the German region is characterised by advanced technological know-how. Customers need to be promptly supported in the development of increasingly complex projects. The synergy between Adaptsys and SMH-Technologies will augment these services, satisfying the needs of current and future customers.