IDM 2013

An ideal tool for development: the direct comparison.


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SMH-Technologies’ International Distribution Meeting will be held from 6 to 8 November 2013
at Villa Foscarini Correr, near Venice.

Three days in which the company will host distributors from all over the world.

It is an occasion to take stock of the situation regarding the SMH-technologies brand, and provides an opportunity to enrich relations between the parties through dialogue, while striving, as always, for excellence (decreasing response times for inquiries, defining the needs of the market, etc.).

Important new developments will also be presented in detail, outlining the strategic choices that will be made by the company in the immediate future.

The International Distribution Meeting is fundamental to the development of the group's brands, as we believe that a direct comparison and exchange of views and opinions can help us thoroughly understand which areas to focus on in order to promote development.

As always on these occasions, SMH-Technologies is pleased to make the gathering of its distributors an opportunity to share the company’s mission and vision, with the aim of rendering the group a single, high-performance entity.