SMH-Technologies brand accepts the challenge.
Some considerations after IPC APEX EXPO 2014.


The invitation made ​​by John Mitchell (president and CEO of IPC) has been very clear: try new ideas to reach new horizons. An invitation which was accepted by all the most important industry players who attended to IPC APEX EXPO 2014 in Las Vegas. Among these, SMH-Technologies brand has proved to be determined in willing to accommodate this challenge by introducing a new product, unique on the market.

During last APEX EXPO, SMH-Technologies has disclosed the FR PXIA3. This is the first in the world programming solution for PXI system, powered by Flashrunner technology, that is still one of the fastest and reliable programming systems in the market.

Alessandro Voltolina, project leader for FR PXIA3 development, explains what are its strong points and why it will be so important for the market: “This product is the right answer to the market needs; this is the first reliable and universal programmer that can be applied on PXI systems.

Engineers around the world have made the switch to PXI to realize faster test execution times, improved software development productivity, faster throughput, and increased scalability, which dramatically reduce their overall system costs.


PXI Systems are used more and more for Functional and In-Circuit test on Automatic Test Equipment. Flashing solutions is always request by costumers and Flashrunner technologies is known as the best-in-class choice.
Now for the very fist time this technology is avaible for PXI System.


Mr. Stefani explains that this is the first step to complete the application range of FR programmers, looking for innovation and to satisfy all the market needs.

“What is doing SMH-Techologies brand? Today is focused more than ever on three key concepts:


Control, Management and Security.

These concepts describe what are the skills of our company in the market in which we operate, and more widely, in the technology that we offer.”

What these three concepts mean? Let’s see them.

Control describes all the items that refer to the configuration and set-up of the product at the time of its application in the particular project that will enslave. Control features summarize the experiences of the technological/commercial department within manufacturing environments of an extremely wide and varied sampling, both in terms of geographic area (Americas, Asia, Europe), both in terms of size and organizational models.

Management. This concept is the result of a skill that we have developed through our presence and experience in the market. SMH-Technologies brand is interfaced every day with many companies that have production line control centers, which monitor relevant features and parameters in production areas. Through our new products, control of these parameters can and will be done in a totally flexible way.

Security. Referring to data security in terms of data integrity and antipiracy (we always have to consider those cases in which the intellectual property is developed in a location remote from the production environment), and in terms of the correspondence of source data.

SMH-Technologies fills the tech emotion.