We are happy to announce that a new SMH business office located in Singapore in now open. This new office is a way to accentuate even more our internationalization and our connection with the Southeast Asia. In this office you’ll find two new SMH employees ready to answer all the visitors questions about the FlashRunner series and all our products; in the next months you’ll find also a post-sales technical support.

The educators' responses to the new test were for the most part positive, particularly towards testing talking (albeit one instructor was against trying this ability and another didn't perceive how short talking undertakings could demonstrate anything huge about the kind of talking students would need to do in the objective language circumstance). The coordinated writing task was additionally gotten well from this content at australiaessays.info, just like the possibility that students would have the option to take notes during the Listening segment and not need to depend on their memory. The instructors felt that these developments would prompt changes in their classes, however the vast majority of them could just imagine changes all in all terms and were sitting tight for test-arrangement materials to give the idea that would assist them with deciding on the subtleties. They counseled the ETS Web webpage and approached a couple of different ETS assets, however unmistakably they were relying on business productions to facilitate their weight of arranging. There was enthusiasm for different types of instructor support, yet the organizations that the educators worked for were commonly not capable or arranged to expect the expenses of the ETS bolster that the instructors knew about, regardless of whether this appeared as educator preparing courses in different nations or the online practice test that must be paid for. The instructors themselves didn't go to meetings and in this manner would not get nitty gritty data about the tests along these lines; they would rather need to rely upon their chiefs of studies getting and transmitting important data to them precisely. There had just been in any event one example of an instructor not catching wind of a significant change since her chief of studies had not understood its significance.

We have decided to open this new offices in Singapore given its international scope and its essential role in international economics: Singapore is in fact leader in several economic sectors, including being the 3rd-largest foreign exchange centre, the 3rd-leading financial centre and the world's top logistics hub. That’s why we decided to open our new office there: with this new elegant office SMH confirms its international nature and its constant growth.