Prosystems Electronic Technology joins the Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association

On March, 31st our long-term Partner Prosystems Electronic Technology joined the Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association (AEIA) for their annual conference titled “Intelligent Network Alliance – a new era for the automotive electronics”. Several industry élites have participated to the annual meeting: key representatives of automotive intelligence, vehicle manufacturers, exponents of the Internet of Things industry and University Professors from several Departments of Automotive Engineering.

On this occasion, Prosystems took the chance to present FlashRunner 2.0 technology, the new programming system which combines the most advanced technology available on the market with the decennial experience of SMH Technologies in ISP programming.

During the event, the concept of intelligent networked vehicles and system architecture has been introduced. In the tide of technological changes which is involving the intelligent and networked automotive industry, the automotive electronics industry must actively embrace the big trends of big data and smart networking.


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