FlashRunner I Series

High perfomance programming engine

FlashRunner I series is composed by single site programmers, targeted for production environments.
FRI series are Universal and Fully Upgradeable programmers, which work either in full standalone mode or controlled by a host system.



  • Fastest programming algorithms;
  • ATE integration;
  • Standalone operations (projects and code images stored on a memory card);
  • Controllable by any host system via RS-232 or Ethernet (right to the model);
  • Supports most ISP protocols (BDM, JTAG, SPI, I2C, MON, ICC, SCI, etc.);
  • Flexible and fully configurable;
  • Compact and robust design for production environments;
  • Data integrity guaranteed;
  • All of the models of the FlashRunner I series have been designed for maximum performance and reliability.


Hardware Features


  • Power supply input 9 to 24V DC (110/220V AC for the FR01PRO model);
  • Five digital I/O lines;
  • Two digital I/O or analog output lines;
  • Twoprogrammable output voltages (0 to 15V, 0.25A and 0 to 5V, 0.5A);
  • One analog input line;
  • One programmable clock output;
  • Secure Digital memory card (up to 2 GB);
  • 512 bytes on-board dynamic memory;
  • On-board timekeeper and calendar;
  • I/O protection;
  • Optoisolated inputs for project selection;
  • Two optoisolated command inputs (START and STOP);
  • Three optoisolated status outputs (FAIL, PASS, BUSY);
  • Optoisolated RS-232 or Ethernet channel.
  • FlashRunner’s open architecture makes its firmware easily upgradeable to support both new devices and new features.


Software Features

FlashRunner comes with a Windows utility that allows you to communicate with the instrument and perform the most common operations: send commands, manage SD card files, update the instrument’s firmware, etc.
ASCII-based commands used to control and setup.

Two ways to receive and execute commands:

  • Over the RS-232 or Ethernet connection (controlled by a host system (e.g. Windows HyperTerminal);
  • Via “scripts” stored in its SD card (Standalone mode).

SD memory card (FAT16).
Unlimitedprojects (scripts).
Log files.


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Programming engine (RS232/LAN)
Programming engine designed to work inside fixture with experiment board
Programming engine designed to work inside fixture