In-Circuit Debugger Programmer for Freescale Families
  • Universal: supports Freescale HC08/S08/RS08/S12/S12X through MON08 and BDM interfaces--future ready for new devices and families.
  • Gangable: up to 32 instruments controllable from the same PC.
  • Fast: fast HC08 programming algorithms drastically reduce production times (typically around 1 second for 32 KB Flash).
  • Flexible: seamlessly integrates with CodeWarrior development tools. Dedicated programming interfaces. User-driven through DLL Programming Library.


The inDART-One In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer is a powerful debugging and programming tool for Freescale HC08-, S08-, RS08-, S12- and S12X-based systems.

In-Circuit Debugger

inDART-One takes advantage of the CodeWarrior Development Studio Special Edition (which groups an Editor, Assembler, C Compiler and Debugger) and the Freescale MON08 and BDM interfaces, which allow the download and debug of the user application into the target microcontroller’s FLASH memory. Together with CodeWarrior, inDART-One provides you with everything you need to write, compile, download, in-circuit emulate and debug user code. Full-speed program execution allows you to perform hardware and software testing in real time. inDART-One is connected to the host PC through a USB port.

CodeWarrior Development Tools

inDART-One comes with CodeWarrior Development Studio Special Edition. CodeWarrior Development Studio is a powerful and easy-to-use tool suite designed to increase your software development productivity. Its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides unrivaled features such as Processor Expert application design tool, full chip simulation, Data Visualization and project manager with templates to help you concentrate on the added value of your application.

Additional Debuggers Supported

inDART-One (S08, S12 and S12X families) is also supported by the NoICE debugger ( S12 support is present on the IAR Embedded Workbench (

Single and Multiple Programmer

inDART-One is a full-featured programmer, thanks to the provided DataBlaze programming utility. Additionally, up to 32 inDART-One instruments can be connected (using USB hubs) to the same PC, allowing for multiple (gang) programming sessions. A specific multiple programming utility, MultiBlaze, is provided.

HC08 Fast Programming Algorithms

Fast HC08 programming algorithms reduce significantly the amount of time needed to program HC08 devices. Fast programming algorithms can be used both in single and multiple programming. The table below shows fast programming times for some HC08 devices.

Device Mem Size Programming Times
MC68HC908GP32 32KB
Program = 1.5s
Program + Verify = 2.9s
MC68HC908QB8 8KB
Program = 1.1s
Program + Trim + Verify = 1.5s
MC68HC908AZ60A 60KB
Program = 2.7s
Program + Verify = 5.4s

Fast programming algorithms are device-specific and must be purchased separately. Please contact us for more information.

Programming Library

inDART-One can be fully controlled via the provided IPL-One Programming Library. The IPL-One Programming Library is a DLL which includes all of the low-level functions that allows you to set up the instrument and perform all of the programming commands and functions of the DataBlaze and MultiBlaze programming utilities from within your own Windows application. The IPL-One Programming Library contains C written routines, and can be used to interface the instrument from within, for example, a Microsoft Visual C or Visual Basic application, as well as any other programming language that supports the DLL mechanism.

Production Programming

inDART-One can be used as an in-circuit programmer for small productions. However, for larger productions, ATE integration and/or extreme performance, we suggest to use FlashRunner.

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