In-System Programmer for SPEA Automatic Test Equipments

Built for Speed
FlashRunner has been built for speed. Both the hardware and firmware have been engineered to work together in such an efficient way as to eliminate communication bottlenecks. On top of this, fast Programming Algorithms have been developed that reach the memory technology speed limit of the target device. This makes FlashRunner one of the fastest universal In-System Programmers on the market, enabling you to significantly cut production costs.

FlashRunner works either in standalone mode or driven by a host system, through Ethernet or RS-232 connections. Its simple and versatile interface allows FlashRunner to be easily and seamlessly integrated into Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) systems. FlashRunner is compatible with Agilent, Teradyne, SPEA, Genrad, and other systems and test fixtures.

FlashRunner features state-of-the-art electronics to provide you with high integration flexibility in a compact footprint. Every component of the system has been engineered to withstand the harshest production environments. Optoisolation, ESD protection, CRC on data transfers and detailed reports make FlashRunner the perfect choice when certainty of the programming flow is of the utmost importance.



FlashRunner FR01SPE0 is a complete production In-System Programmer specifically designed for an easy integration with SPEA ATE systems. This product is the result of a partnership with SPEA and will be sold thourgh both SPEA and SMH Technologies (the licensee of the SofTec Microsystems trademark) sales offices.



  • Universal, standalone and host controlled In-System programmer;
  • Easy integration with SPEA ATE systems;
  • Based on FlashRunner FR01ENG engine;
  • Controllable by ATE through opto-isolated LAN, RS-232 or parallel control lines;
  • Controllable by SPEA software environment through dedicated user functions;
  • Programming Algorithms as fast as memory technology limit;
  • More then 2000 devices supported (Atmel, Freescale, Fujitsu, Infineon, Microchip, NEC, NXP, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and others).


SPEA Hardware & Software Compatibility

FR01SPE0 has been designed for an easy integration with SPEA ATE systems. Full hardware and software compatibility is guaranteed.
Supported SPEA Test Systems:

  • 3030
  • Easy Test
  • Unitest
  • 4040 (Shuttle version in required)
  • FT1000

Supported SPEA Fixtures and Receivers:

  • SAR 3600
  • SAR 1800
  • SAR 120 TOP
  • SAR 90 TOP
  • Pneumatic and motorized drawers (only for 3030)

Supported SPEA Operating Systems:

  • Atos 2
  • Leonardo


Hardware Features

FlashRunner FR01SPE0 features state-of-the-art electronics to provide you with high integration flexibility in a compact footprint. FlashRunner’s open architecture makes its firmware easily upgradable to support both new devices and new features.

  • Single, wide range power supply input (9 to 24V DC);
  • Galvanic isolation (relay disconnection) with shield to fixture for all I/O ISP lines: - Seven digital I/Os / two analog output lines (shared) - Two programmable output voltages (0 to 15V, 0.25A and 0 to 5V, 0.5A) - One analog input line - One programmable clock output
  • Secure Digital memory card (up to 2 GB) for binary files and projects, plus 512 bytes on-board dynamic memory for serial numbering;
  • On-board timekeeper and calendar for time-stamped log file;
  • Power voltage monitoring guarantees appropriate programming;
  • Optoisolated parallel control lines for project selection (START, STOP, FAIL, PASS, BUSY, SEL);
  • Optoisolated RS-232/Ethernet channel.


Software Features

FlashRunner FR01SPE0 is set up and controlled via ASCII-based commands.

  • Controlled in host (PC) and standalone mode via RS-232/Ethernet connections or parallel control lines;
  • Unlimited number of projects (scripts) stored in its SD card;
  • Capability to support all types of ISP protocols (JTAG, SPI, I2C, SCI, BDM, etc);
  • Software utilities for the control of the programmer in the SPEA environment.


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